Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today and A couple days ago, I began what I hope will stick as a healthy habit. I walked for about half an hour, with a break about half way to give my leg pain a rest. It's fine when there is a bench or a wall or some steps to heave my butt on to, but it's not ideal when it's just road or grass...

Time was when I could walk an hour with my dad no sweat. Well I mean I did sweat but I could do it no problem. I was just tired at the end, not in pain. These days the pins and needles comes first then a kind of sickening cool burning pain ( hard to describe) in a line down my leg. Calf pain and thgh pain happens in there somewhere too. But half an hour as I said seems doable, with a sit down.

I haven't been doing the exercises that the physio prescribed but they didn't help anyway, so not sure whether it would be useful tocontinue. I sometimes hope I will be walking one day and the pain will have vanished like a ghost. Just like that, if I keep walking... but as long as I don't walk, it will linger, a phantom hungry for my pain.

I am going to cook a roast pork, potatoes and rapini... So yummy and reasonably healthy... Ruhi is tonight so my spiritual appetite will be satisfied too!.

Last night I danced oen song at Julie's wedding. " We are family". It was great fun and I am sorry to have left early... it was the first time I've danced in forever, and it made me remember those nights with Beata at Cabbagetown. Oy vay, or as the Chinese say, Aiya... my lost youth!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

well it wasn't a bad day foodwise or exercisewise- three meals and a few minutes on the outdoor exercise machines. no napping til a brief lie down after dinner at dad's... i still hope to increase my walking though it's no fun when it's painful....

It's way too hot even though outdoors the temp is very reasonable... it's the humidity I think, the kind of weather that makes me weak in the shoulders.. I need a drink and then I will stop craving something i think. The leftover watermelon from the bbq is all gone= what a heavenly delight it is when chilled, on a hot day. Really there are so many pleasures offered by the natural world,,, God has thought about just about everything! Except how to keep us from indulging in them. Oh yes! He did create religion... that should help!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Today I slept most of the day, tired from yesterday's BBQ at my Dad's. I must have gone up and down his stairs 20 times, and today my body called it quits. I am still aching and now I'm yawnig- ready to go back to bed at 8 pm!

I had a bit of a binge this past week... eating way too much sugar. I'm not sure why but it does seem to happen from time to time that my eating blooms out of control and I consume more sugar in a week than I have the month before.

It's been ages since I used the outdoor exercise machines... during the day it's just too hot and I haven't got there in the evening. Something to think about for the fall. I really wish I could walk more... I feel quite shackled by the leg pain, but a few days ago, Sheila and I walked the board walk in Eastern Passage, which is about a kilometre long, before my legs hurt too much to go any further. I wish I could walk anywhere, like I used to, without pain.

Dad is pretty amazing- he walked an hour or so before the bbq yesterday and today another hour and a half- no lounging in bed with a body ache for him! I wish to follow his example...